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Sun Chlorella Corporation
Research & Development Department

Research and Development

Sun Chlorella Research & Development Department

Since the inception of our company over 4 decades ago (Sun Chlorella Corp. was founded in 1969), chlorella has been at the forefront of all that we do, and continues to be the mainstay of our corporate philosophies.

Good looks or taste is secondary to promoting good health with natural supplements. This is our ultimate priority and why we exist. It is important that our products maintain their form and composition as close to pure and natural as possible. In the end, only ‘whole food’ that helps to support & enhance our good health should be given the title of “health food.” This is what we do.

Whole food such as the Chlorella differs greatly compared to medicine. Medicine and Food for Specified Health Use (HOSHU) utilize certain functionality that originates from particular components – in food, several nutrients work together providing health benefits that result in a combined synergistic effect.

The benefits of whole food nutrition have never been so simple or clear cut, and in many cases, the range of efficacy covers much wider health benefits.

One should see food as his medicine. There is an old saying “nature’s food stock at its own season is good for our health” – “food should be eaten as a whole”, ‘body warming food’ or “body chilling food.” Our ancestors knew what each food does for the body and would take this into consideration when they would eat. Medicinal food should be a natural choice so we get the most nutrition from food from nature.

World-wide interest of scientific proof for the functionality of whole food is increasing.

Past experience supports the benefits of traditional health foods, but scientific verification requires more and more, that health supplements be treated just like medicine - with proof.

We certainly agree that science should shed more of a light to reveal the health aspects of whole foods, and this data can be viewed as reassuring for health conscious minds.

We hear and agree with the phrase, “Food and medicine are as one.” On the other hand, caution must be taken to have full faith in science. Proof by modern science is great, however, if the mechanisms of work are too complex or if the complex health function of some good food is unproven, it could leave us still questioning and wondering.

Research for the sake of research is not meant to be much. Our approach begins with a close look at every nutrient and makes an effort to consider them from various angles.

The Research & Production Department at Sun Chlorella Corp. applies whole food into various tests and scientific study. Vast amounts of accumulated analytical data tells us that food, when tested as a whole, shows a powerful array of functionality that surpasses our expectations, leaving us in awe of nature as an unlimited source of health benefit.

We believe that research, should be conducted in this way. When we look at food close enough, the way it looks today is completely different from what it was yesterday. We should also look for new ways to widen the possibility of unlocking natures-bounty of the medicinal benefits of whole food. We believe, this is a mission that health food suppliers are obligated to fulfill.

We at Sun Chlorella Corp. do not hesitate to adopt new analytical tools and integrate new technologies whenever it helps us to unveil supreme health benefits offered by natural food. Our mission statement briefly mentions why we are here and do what we do. And what we believe it. That is why we exist.