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Natural green single-celled algae. Chlorella is known for its
functionality for the improvement of metabolic syndrome and the
GI tract condition, as well as many other health benefits.

Acknowledged by 99% of the general population in Japan,
Chlorella is a widely known health food
People all over the world know about the benefits of Chlorella.
Chlorella has become more-and-more well known among health-minded consumers.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan on nutritional food supplements, only 1% of those who responded had never heard of Chlorella. The health food market is somewhat volatile, characterized by unsteady and sensitive new trends that come-and-go. But Chlorella, remaining unchanged and unaffected, has been a mainstay product for over four decades. Chlorella remains in a special league of its own, that is most sought after, all these years.

Chlorella comes in many forms, and health-minded consumers benefit by supplementing their diet with Chlorella. Chlorella benefits are spread by word of mouth from those that truly realize the health advantages of taking this single celled fresh water algae.

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Functionality of Chlorella revealed by scientific approach

When we think about functional (whole) foods like Chlorella, all aspects of the algae need to be taken into consideration – its composition for example and the collective and individual aspects of each component that are multi-functioning and work synergistically together.

When we review a single composition like medicine for example, researchers approach it with their knowledge based upon traditional physiology, biochemistry, molecular and cellular based biology. While these are useful tools to evaluate substances, they have their own shortcomings with a limited scope of analysis. In order to overcome this limitation, recent developments of nutrigenomics, promises new possibilities.

Nutrigenomics enable multi-faceted and simultaneous evaluation on foods that are ingested by the human body by analyzing delicate changes in gene expression. Data analysis and their results cover the work of individual components, as well as the collective work of several different components combined together, and the mutual feedback between these properties that show multi-functional characteristics. Composite nature of food can be better understood this way.

Our studies at Sun Chlorella Corp., Research & Production Department are quick to make use of nutrigenomics, and we have been one of the leading pioneers, making of the first attempts in the health food industry. Early studies conducted using nutrigenomics, focused on life-style related disease such as diabetes and hypertension, a field where public interest is growing. Findings of these studies were publicized at the 60th Congress of the Japan Nutrition Food Academy in 2006 with a paper titled `Gene expression analysis on life style related disease patients and on healthy people with Chlorella dose’. A second study was conducted on Chlorella’s anti-obesity effect and the result was published at the 81st Annual congress of Japan society of pharmacology in 2008 under the title of `Chlorella’s efficacy on metabolic syndrome’. These findings suggest that Chlorella is a useful, preventative and corrective mechanism against metabolic syndrome. In Japan, Specified Diagnosis Scheme embarked in April of 2004 sees the metabolic syndrome index as a barometer.

In addition to the above, more studies were conducted to publicize Chlorella’s health benefits. Below are some of those studies.

・Anti-arteriosclerotic effect
・Anti-fatigue effect on subject under heavy work load
   and Chlorella’s immune-stimulatory property
・Dioxine excretion promotion effect
・Preventative role on cancer
・Anti-inflammatory effect
・Preventative effect on hematopoietic disorder caused
   by radioactivity etc.

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Genuine originality that cannot be fully discovered

This whole food nutrition, Chlorella is known to us, but why is this so? To what extent is Chlorella the most beneficial, and what particular nutrient of Chlorella is so good that places it among the best in its league? We as experts in the subject of Chlorella admit to not having all the answers.

Chlorella is a normal food unlike medicine with a designed function made up of only designated substances that have been extracted and refined from its origin. Chlorella, is from a natural life form, and when introduced into our body, provides so many nutrients; but chlorella is also a wholesome bio-organism that includes unknown substances as well. Pinpointing all the beneficial nutrients and understanding their working mechanism is not as easy to understand as medicine due to incomplete knowledge about the overall work of nature.

There is a saying “human beings by our nature eat from where it belongs”. In this meaning, we are meant to eat food from nature. Food from nature should be safe to consume and when you think about it, there has been much human sickness that has been cured by eating food from nature. This concept of `food and medicine as one’ can be seen as the same philosophy. A good daily diet should be good enough to maintain our good health.

‘Whole food’ implies all of nature’s food supply. Nature keeps its internal harmony and balance. As long as we eat from this whole food nutrition, the needed nutrients for healthy physical metabolism should be supplied in full, without shortage or overdose.

Chlorella diverged from Chlamydomonas, over 540 million years ago, and both evolved from the same ancestor. Humans came into view 7 million years ago. Even 7 million-year-old men tried to understand the secrets of 540 this million-year-old chlorella.


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Safety of Chlorella

Systematic management to ensure the safety of health food is studied in private practices among national levels. For nearly half a century, Chlorella has been a desired health food. Extended usage over the long term proves its safety, and also the plethora of tests that have been conducted over the years on Chlorella’s efficacy gives us extra peace in mind.

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