Research website examining Chlorella, eleuthero, agaricus etc. by scientific methods.


At Sun Chlorella Corp., we continuously study natural food sources such as chlorella, eleuthero and agaricus. Our studies focus on better understanding the positive health effects (on the human body) of these natural health foods by applying scientific methods.

Medicine is manufactured by combining specific substances with proven bio-effects. Sun Chlorella Corp. conducts tests, clinical studies and analysis on “natural bio-organisms” on their own and as a whole, unlike analysis conducted on medicine utilizing a combination of substances. Over the years, a wealth of accumulated test data and analytical study results has been archived and some so exciting that we launched the ‘Sun Chlorella Lab’ website to share and explain our past efforts in a language that we hope is easy-to-follow & understand.

‘Sun Chlorella Lab’ also covers recent world health trends and provides up-to-date information that may be useful for those seeking more information about many benefits of health foods and dietary herbs and supplements. We also, from time-to-time conduct independent surveys to review general consensus from health minded people, and share that information by circulating summary results.

We hope that those interested in health food make the best use of this website and that
it may be a good resource of detailed and accurate information.

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Effects of Chlorella on Diabetes Precursor Population: Findings from Metabolome Analysis in Placebo-Controlled Randomized Clinical Trial

This presentation was awarded the Young Researcher Encouraging Prize for the method and plan of the study designed for evaluation of Chlorella efficacy appraised by the examiners in the Science and Presentation Section of the Conference.

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