Chlorella: Search of pharmacological action

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【Scientific information】

Research and Development Department, Sun Chlorella Corporation

Chlorella: Search of pharmacological action

(At the 61st Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science)

Research purpose
Various pharmacological actions by chlorella were confirmed by many examinations in humans or animals. Such actions are seemed to come not only from miscellaneous amino acids, vitamins and minerals etc. and also from bioactive component C.G.F.
(chlorella growth factor)
Moreover, chlorella contains various biological active agents besides C.G.F., and it may still have unknown pharmacological actions up to the present examination. Then, we studied pharmacological actions paying attention to the disease related enzymes and receptors out of a huge number of enzymes [Please refer (1)] and receptors [Please refer(2)] which are participating in maintenance of bioactivity.
Test method
The influence of Chlorella powder to the activities for 118 kinds of enzymes and 129 kinds of receptors is studied by using the in vitro assays (test-tube examination).
As the result of this study, inhibition of 21 kinds of enzymes and 21 kinds of receptors by chlorella powder were confirmed. Some expectable effects on the enzymes and the enzymes by chlorella powder are shown in Table 1 Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in this table is involved in inflammation, so new potential effects of the prevention and the moderation of inflammation related disease by chlorella were suggested.
These predicted test results were required to be clarified by additional tests.



(1) Enzyme
A enzyme is a protein produced in vivo for the smooth biochemical reaction. Each enzyme supports corresponding biochemical reaction for the survival of living matter. Smooth and orderly biochemical reaction of the enzyme brings healthy state, but excess or inadequate enzyme reaction brings ill health.
(2) Receptor
A receptor is a protein exists in and/or on a cell, and receives information from in vivo and/or ex vivo and transfers to the other cells. Abnormal propagation of the information causes abnormal cellular activities, and accordingly brings unhealthy state.

Society announcement

The name of:Society
The 61st Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science conventions, 2007
Chlorella: Search of pharmacological action
Masaki Fujishima, Fong-Chi Cheng, Hideyo Imanishi, Hideo Takegoshi
Sun Chlorella Corp., MDS Pharma Services


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