Safety studies on the CGF as an ingredient : November 2007

The Research and Development Department at Sun Chlorella Corp. reports detail of analysis and studies for health food, and supplements.

【Scientific information】

Research and Development Department, Sun Chlorella Corporation

Safety studies on the CGF as an ingredient : November 2007


There now is a severe call for food safety. Despite this, news on cover-ups and other deceptive incidents related to food are making headlines almost on a daily basis in Japan, increasing consumers' interest in food safety even further. Awareness of food safety is high not only in Japan but also in the U.S. and other countries as well. Globally, stricter regulations have been imposed on imported food items on a year-to-year basis. Chlorella and CGF, its extract, have been consumed for long periods of time in Japan, and their safety has been clearly recognized. With changes in the social situation in Japan, however, we have been called upon to provide scientific validation of their safety. As part of our measures to respond to the requests given from other countries, we recently carried out studies once again to provide scientific evidence for the safety of chlorella and CGF. As a result, the safety of CGF, a substance extracted from Chlorella, was scientifically demonstrated.

Ingredients tested
CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor, or Chlorella extract)
Test items
The test items constitute stringent criteria used for evaluation of drug development.


Test results
Each of the above tests demonstrated the safety of CGF.


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